Amer Iqbal speaking at TechXLR8 Singapore, Marina Bay Sands

Digital Reality or Virtual Insanity? A model to gauge how ready your business is for the age of AR / VR

Amer Iqbal, Head of Digital Strategy & Innovation at Deloitte Digital SEA presented at TechXLR8 Asia on Wednesday 20th September as part of Singapore Week of Innovation and Technology.

On a crowded conference floor at Marina Bay Sands, the organisers found an interesting way of running many simultaneous presentations on different topics – each audience member was given an audio headset tuned into the presenter’s microphone. Think of it as “silent disco meets conference presentation”.

The topic of Amer’s presentation revolved around the development of a maturity model that companies can use in order to assess their current state of readiness for Digital Reality (DR) – by understanding and scoring current readiness, it becomes straightforward to develop a pragmatic roadmap for ongoing investment in DR initiatives.

Key points of the presentation included:

  • Technology is not the problem – even with today’s tech, DR has the ability to touch many parts of our lives. The reason businesses haven’t succeeded with DR at scale is not a lack of technology, but rather treating DR as a tech or channel play rather than defining a strategy for the experience and underlying business logic
  • Think Incremental – many efforts to gain investment in DR fail when they try to overshoot. If a company’s readiness is low, they would be better defining an incremental step forward with defined and achievable success metrics rather than trying to put together a business case that over-promises.
  • DR is today, not the future – several case studies of maturity level 3 and 4 organisations were discussed including IKEA and McDonald’s. The point is that there are already companies who are showing ROI from their DR investments, and the common element is addressing the need for a strategy based on incremental gains in readiness.

For more information on the conference, please visit 

Digital Reality Collage


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