The 5 Ways to Innovate: Global Retail Banking Innovation Summit & Awards 2018

Amer Iqbal, Head of Digital Strategy & Innovation at Deloitte Digital SEA presented at the Global Retail Banking Innovation Summit & Awards on Thursday 27th September, presented by The Digital Banker.

As customer demand gears towards highly personalised services, anytime-anywhere banking and digital banking, disruption from the tech world are enabling services that were historically unattainable. However, in order to achieve digital success, banks are striving to develop relevant capabilities in technology, skills and processes, whilst simultaneously fortifying ‘digital trust’ and complying with increasing regulations. Anything less, and the risk of becoming irrelevant in the digital economy is inevitable.

The Global Retail Banking Innovation Summit & Awards 2018 was designed to present banks in Asia with thought leaders in the space to learn from best practices from around the world.

Amer Iqbal delivered the closing presentation of the day with a high energy session based on his framework: The 5 Ways to Innovate. The session involved stories from around the world about the problems that corporates face when it comes to innovation, patterns that have been observed within those who have succeeded, and what can be learned by banks operating in SEA.

Representatives from Asia’s largest retail banking players were in attendance including DBS, HSBC, UOB, Citi Bank, Standered Chartered Bank and UnionBank Philippines.

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